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Pic de la Pyramide 3382m (Michel_Vivaudou, 16.06.2018)

Lidija Honzak was visiting Grenoble and wanted to still ski in June. So I took her to the Grandes Rousses mountain range for the week-end. The first day we went to the ski resort of l’Alpe d’Huez, famous because of Tour de France among cyclists for its steep access road. We were able to drive up along the ski slopes til 2100m. We camped there and put on the skis the next morning. We followed the ski slopes, still covered with snow. At 2600m, we left the ski slopes, and went west toward the Pic de la Pyramide in a much more natural setting, without lifts, towers and cables. Snow was still very deep and relatively solid in spite of the sun and high temperature. After 2800m, the ascent became steep and we carried the skis for the last slope of >40°. The view at the summit was magnificent, with Pic de l’Etendard a short distance to the north and Les Ecrins to the East. The descent in the soft snow was excellent and we were able to ski down all the way to the car. Then we had to drive to Col de la Croix de Fer and ski up 2 hours to reach the Refuge de l’Etendard and go the Pic de l’Etendard the next day, but that is another story.

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