col de la Girose 3514m (Michel_Vivaudou, 01.07.2018)

Sunday was Saint Thierry, but it was not Sainte Bernadette!
After an excellent diner and a great night in the refuge Evariste Chancel, the objective was ’col de la Girose’. The temperature was very high and we were in T-shirt even above 3000m. Thierry (Dufar) found a nice skiing path so that we were mostly on skis all the way up. We were late at the summit, around noon. At this time, the snow was soft and enjoyable to ski. At this time, also, it is not so good to be on glaciers. Fortunately, nobody fell into a crevasse. Unfortunately, the snow was sometimes hard to ski, and Bernadette (Jalifier) had the misfortune to fall the wrong way, and therefore to win a free helicopter ride down to the valley. This incident took more than 2 hours and we, Lidija (Honzak), Thierry and myself, had to run down 800m to catch the last cable car of the day at 4:30 pm: We were really happy to get there at 4:28pm. After a trip to the hospital in Briancon, where Bernadette was happy to have only a broken leg, we got back to Grenoble and store the skis until next season.

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